Wall-ez quick and simple drywall patch kit for drywall repairs

Wall-ez is a Quick Drywall Patch kit and System

which uses our

Patented Drywall Repair Tool & Method

for making

Damage repairs or Access holes simple and easy

Add Wall-ez to your Drywall Tools


Wall-ez Quick and Simple Drywall Patch

Wall-ez quick and simple drywall patch makes it easy for the DIY individual or industry professional to make the easiest drywall repair. Have you ever had a doorknob bust a hole in your wall? Now Wall-ez makes it quick and simple to make that near perfect repair. Great to put on the holiday gift guide 2019.

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Wall-ez tool cuts the process not the profits

Wall-ez makes drywall patching simple. Using a Wall-ez drywall patch kit cuts the process not the profits. As a professional you will save time and add profits by using the Wall-ez drywall repair tool and method. it also complete your collection of drywall tools.

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Creator Wally Trudeau designed and patented the Wall-ez Drywall Repair Tool and Method giving you a drywall patch kit to make drywall repairs and access holes easy and simple. It also makes a great kit to add into your drywall tool collection.

The wheels were turning while using some traditional methods and drywall patches to make a typical drywall repair that should have been quick and easy. I struggled and felt there had to be a better solution. I began thinking ”how can the replacement patch be inserted without falling through the opening or leaving a hump on the wall“? The solution is Wall-ez Drywall Repair Tool and Method. By using our patented drywall tool which cuts a tapered hole and our patented method of using our tapered plug to fill the hole will give you a no hole satisfaction.

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